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Apollo Strategies’ mission is to enable community banks to become high performing organizations. We advise and support banks in strategic planning, developing leaders, and improving financial performance. These three processes can be employed separately or as part of a comprehensive effort toward becoming a high performing bank. Our approach differs in that all of our processes contain mechanisms which compel implementation. This assures that the ideas and strategies coming out of our processes are implemented and actions are taken. Our past clients will attest to the results achieved and the improvements made.

High performing banks excel in all measures of organizational effectiveness. They provide superb customer service. They are a great place to work for employees. They provide excellent shareholder value, and they are a proud partner in their communities. High performing banks consistently outpace their peers, can weather economic downturns, meet increasing regulatory requirements and are able to determine their own destiny. Apollo Strategies’ vision is to be recognized as a trusted, essential partner and the catalyst for our clients to become high performing banks.

President John F. Kennedy, speaking about the Apollo Space Program in the 1960’s said, ‘there are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction”. History reminds us that vision with action has changed the world. We strongly believe by partnering with Apollo Strategies, vision with action can enable our bank clients to become high performing organizations.

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