At Apollo Strategies, we believe in order to become a high performing organization; a community bank must have forward-looking, competent, inspiring, innovative and demanding leaders. Jim Collins, author of the national best seller Good to Great says that for an organization to transform from mediocre to excellent, it must have “Level 5 Leaders” who have the “resolve to do whatever it takes to make the company great, no matter how big or hard the decisions”. He goes on to say that Level 5 Leaders are” modest, willful, humble and fearless”. He believes that Level 5 leaders exist all around us.

We agree with Jim Collins that people have the potential to become more effective leaders. In other words, leadership is a skill and ability that can be learned and applied. Our leadership development program helps people develop the skills required to lead in a high performing organization. By assessing their own leadership skills, getting feedback from others and emulating examples of effective leaders, participants in our program can develop into Level 5 Leaders.


Apollo Strategies Leadership Development begins with an individual and organizational leadership assessment, followed by leadership development training, and concludes with the creation of a personal leadership action plan. During the training, participants will gain a better understanding of the skills needed to successfully lead people in their organizations. Participants will learn what leadership is, how it differs from managing and they will recognize the challenges of leading in today’s banking environment. Through a unique and engaging training process, participants are provided lessons in leadership and historic examples of leadership in the areas of team building, leading change, providing direction, coaching, motivating, and inspiring. Following the training, each participant will prepare a personalized leadership action plan. This ensures that participants apply what they have learned in leading others, and they contribute in the bank’s effort to become a high performing organization.