The following chart represents the Apollo Strategies Financial Performance Improvement Process. It produces significant improvement in a client-bank’s ongoing financial performance by answering the questions of Can, Should and How.

First, the process helps an organization identify what it CAN do to improve its bottom line. In order to determine if an organization SHOULD implement a financial improvement action, Apollo Strategies leads the organization through a structured cost, benefit and risk analysis. Once actions are approved for implementation and to ensure execution, plans are developed that outline HOW each financial action will be implemented. Finally, an effective and efficient scorecard process is developed to evaluate progress toward achieving the bank’s new financial goals.

We believe so strongly in this approach that Apollo Strategies’ fee for leading this process is based solely on our client’s implemented financial benefit from applying the Apollo Strategies Financial Performance Improvement Process. No financial benefit…. no fee. As in everything we do, we want our success to be based on our client’s success.

Steps for Creating and Approving Financial Actions